2018 Toyota Camry

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Toyota Camry Review.

The sedan is not dead. Here is the 2018 Toyota Camry has a lot of worth in the market. The Camry place the number one in mid-size car ranking. It is a good family car. And the best car for the money. The car justifies his price. They totally redesigned the Camry for 2018. We are here to provide Toyota Camry Review. Let’s talk about some likes and dislike of the car. Camry has a standard safety feature. Toyota has a reputation in the market therefor car has resale value. Dynamic driving increased. But you won’t like it. No android and apple car play. Camry has only FWD. You can also read our article on Lamborghini Veneno.

2018 Toyota Camry Review

The new Toyota Camry has impressive handling, advanced technology, and a ton of safety features. Toyota Camry Review was pretty good. Toyota Camry has a fuel-efficient engine. The Toyota Camry is a good car. It’s fun to drive a car. The designer made the car according to family needs. Yes, Camry is the family car. The redesign of the interior and exterior. The cabin looks pretty. A user-friendly infotainment system. Everything is near to steering. The driver controls the most of the function by the steering wheel. The driver has driven the car smoothly. Company improver the engine capacity and also powertrain.

2018 Toyota Camry

Let’s talk about the Toyota Camry cost. The Toyota Camry MSRP starting at $23495. If you want to midlevel trim starting from $24,000 to $29,000. And the top of the line trim starts from V6 engine XLE $34,400, V6 engine XSE $34,950. The Toyota Camry also comes with the hybrid model and starting from $27,800. Toyota Camry Review. Here is the epic article on the Honda Accord.

2018 Toyota Camry Interior.

The car has five seating capacity. All the seats are comfortable. The front seats are roomy and the visibility of the car is excellent. The cockpit is roomier than the previous generation. Rear seats are quite good for taller. As the test drive driver feel comfy while driving. But the rear seats are considerable as compare to competitor. Inside the Camry, they touch more soft interior and stylish design. Toyota offers to build the upgraded interior. Like wooden texture metal work leather upholstery. The Camry has 15.1 cubic feet cargo space. Advanced infotainment system, link your smartphone with 201 Camry. Navigation system. Voice control command system. Wireless phone charging station.

2018 Toyota Camry

2018 Toyota Camry Engine Performance.

Camry has the most powerful engine than the previous. The 2018 Camry engine 203-horsepower four-cylinder non-turbocharged. Four-cylinder provide you the top speed of 136 (MPH) according to our road test. Toyota Camry review. Toyota also offers 301-horsepower engine if you want more speed. Camry is no longer slow car in the sedan category. The Camry is extremely fuel economy. Toyota Camry provides 28 (MPG) in city ride and 39 (MPG) on the highway. It saves your lot of money.

Toyota Camry Review

Name Specs
PriceBase trim $23,495
Top line $34,400
Top Speed136 (MPH)
0-605.8 sec
Engine PowerBase Engine 203 (HP)
Upgraded 301 (HP)
Fuel Efficient28 (MPG) in city
39 (MPG) on Highway
Cargo Space15.1 cubic feet
Transmission 8-speed automatic
Passenger Capacity5

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