Three Things To Look At When Choosing Your Racing Car

Three Things To Look At When Choosing Your Racing Car

Auto racing is an expensive activity and/or hobby. Racing cars cost a fortune and if you already own one, it is important to learn how to properly maintain your expensive race car. Proper maintenance of your race car will not only extend the car’s life, but also it will help you win the race. There are a number of things that come into car maintenance, especially when it comes to racing car. There is a whole bunch of extra stuff that race car owners must do or take into consideration. Here are three useful tips to help you get started with your race car’s maintenance.

Devise a Proper Maintenance Program

The type of race car does not matter a lot when it comes to having a proper maintenance program. This is mainly because the pre-race maintenance is pretty much same of all different types of race cars. Whether your car uses spring coils or leaf springs, four-six- or eight- cylinder engine, or it uses drum or disc brakes, the maintenance program will be almost same for all. The best way to do the maintenance is to learn about your car as much as you can, consult an expert in that specific type of car, and decides what works best. A good maintenance program may include:

  1. Regular cleaning,
  2. Faulty part repairs
  3. Old part replacements
  4. Checking of the Brakes
  5. The condition of tire Pressure
  6. The condition of the air filters and so on.

It would be very helpful for you to maintain your expensive race car if you have a checklist of things that should be checked. A good list should consist of suspension linkages, rigid spindles that are straight and crack-free, loose bolts, brake fluid, wheels and tires, engine maintenance, body and aerodynamics, and so on.

Cleaning your Race Car

Make sure you clean your race car regularly. Cleaning can be very thorough but be careful when cleaning your car. If you race on dirt, you will be using water. Many people use pressure washers, but they may not be a good choice for some parts on a race car. Also, if you use shock absorbers, make sure you have them cleaned and inspected thoroughly on a regular basis. When cleaning the rubber seals or Teflon inserts, avoid using spray cleaners. To clean plastic or rubber seals, use a god electrical cleaner. Cleaning the radiator is another important aspect of cleaning the race car. Make sure the radiator is not leaking or plugged. Don’t forget to flush the fins every week if you race on dirt. To do so, a slow pressure water hose is a perfect option. Make sure there is no dirt left in the radiator. Also, check the clamps and hoses or any leaks that may be caused by abrasions. For More

Engine Maintenance – Use Micro Air Conditioner to Cool Off the Steam

A good way to keep the race car on the race track is proper engine maintenance. Make sure you regularly change the oil with quality oil. It is worth to pay a little extra for good quality oil. Good quality oil will keep your race car running well. One of the biggest problems race car owners face is the steam that builds up in the engine.

It is important to note that race cars’ cooling system does not cool off the steam, which can be very bad for your race car’s engine. One way to take care of it is to use a micro air conditioner that will cool off the steam in the engine and will not let the steam build up. Other things that go in engine maintenance include valve lash, carburetor cleaning and lubrication, air filter cleaning or installation of new air filters and so on. In addition to all these, make sure you check the belts on a regular basis. Also, look doe other areas in your race car’s engine that need your attention.

In short, these were the best race car maintenance tips that you should help you keep your racing car up and running well. However, following these tips does not guarantee that you will win the race because for that you will need to put in your effort. However, it is strongly believed that proper maintenance program for a race car is an essential part of winning a race.


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