Tesla Roadster 2020 – Tesla Roadster Price And Spec

The Tesla Roadster 2020 is an upcoming four-seater racing that works on electric battery power is all set to hit the roads as soon as this year. It is said by Tesla that this car is capable of 0 to 60mph i.e. 0 to 90 km/h in just 1.9 seconds, which is incredible.

It is quicker than all the street-legal cars till now. The announcement of this car is given in November 2017 as the first sports car by Tesla, Inc. This is the pro version of a production car that is introduced in 2008 by Tesla.

tesla roadster

The Sales of Roadster will begin in 2020, not before the Tesla Model Y, First, they will sell this model. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla company said that a high-performance trim level is installed in this car which makes the specifications of the car beyond.

In 2011, when there is the end of production from tesla The CEO Elon Musk suggested that a new version called Roadster will return in 2014. At that time in 2014, this model named Tesla Model R.

Then after one year, 2015 Tesla suggested a Roadster in 2019 which will be capable of faster acceleration power. This is also called second-generation roadster which was designed by Franz von Holzhausen.

tesla roadster

Now, we come to the surprise which was given to the audience on an event which is organized by Tesla, they are introducing their new truck model and suddenly from the back of this semi-truck, a new Tesla Roadster is revealed.

Tesla Roadster 2020

This was the new model of the Tesla Roadster 2020. Elon Musk explains the reason for this amazing car by saying that it will give a hardcore smackdown to those cars which run on gasoline. Because driving a gasoline sports car give the feelings that a steam engine is running and giving heats to your legs while you diving the car.

tesla roadster

Tesla Roadster Price

The Retail Price of this car will be $200,000. Those who test the car at the time event paid $5,000 and deposit $50,000 for the pre-order booking. Tesla said that it will break the various world records in price and as well as the performance.

Its battery provides over 600 miles of range with face-melting acceleration and also gives the extra boosting with SpaceX branding. That’s why its acceleration time id 0 to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds and 0 to 100 mph in 4.2 seconds.

beautiful car on the grass

If we talk about the design of this car it has a giant central touch screen and the wheel is wired-shaped. This wheel is revealed on the company’s annual event and the snapshots are available on the internet.

It comes with the 2 + 2 coupe and removable glass roof. It has three electric motors which are located one in the front and the two in the rear which allows the car to four-wheel drive with extra power and speed.

charging station

There are three models introduced of The Tesla Roadster i.e. Model S, Model 3, Model X with a joint project with Mercedes A-Class E-Class and smart electric Drive.

Battery and Charging:

Range EPA 998 km
Range NEDC N/A
Range WLTP N/A
Battery pack capacity 200 kWh
Max charging power (AC) N/A
Max charging power (DC) 350 kW
Avg. charging speed (DC) ~1223 km/h


Acceleration 0-100 km/h 2.1 s
Top speed 402 km/h
Engine power, hp N/A
Engine torque N/A
Efficiency 20 kWh/100 km
Drive type AWD
Motor type N/A

Body And Chassis:

Number of seats 4
Dimensions (LxWxH) N/A
Wheelbase N/A
Curb weight N/A
Body style Roadster
Cargo volume N/A
Towing capacity N/A

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