Motor Racing Safety Accessories – A Beginners Guide

There is some sort of danger involved in all types of sports. And motor racing is not an exception. In fact, it is one of the most dangerous sports out there. If you think that the motor racing has become safer over the years and accidents happen only those who are not careful, then you are wrong. So, what can you do to make it safer for you? Compact liquid chiller, fire suit, safety helmet and protective gear for motor racing can help you avoid the danger when you are on track. Now, if you are a beginner, you may be wondering what type of motor racing safety accessories you should get for yourself. Here is a quick guide to help you get started with the safety accessory shopping.

1: Compact Liquid Chiller

It is important to note that the racing cars’ engine can get hot and catch fire before the driver will even realize. The driver can’t drive comfortably if he/she gets hot. There are a few ways to avoid this from happening to you. A good way is to install a compact liquid chiller. Along with other drivers safety accessories i.e. safety jacket or helmet, a compact liquid chiller is very much essential. This device ensures drivers body cooling. If the race car engines do not have cooling system, the engine produces heat; it builds up inside it and makes the engine burn. A mini liquid chiller can save your life.

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2: Fire Suit

Even if you have the mini liquid chiller installed, it would be good to add an extra layer of safety by wearing a fire suit. When buying a fire suit for yourself, look for two things: fitment and material. Before you even start shopping for the fire suit, it is strongly advised to get the detailed information about your particular racing class requirements. It will help you narrow down your search for the fire suit purchase. Most fire suites are designed in way so they will fit on your regular clothes. Most fire suits are available in one-suit design. When looking for a material, go with the multi-layer fire suit.

3: Helmet

Whether you drive on fine tracks or rigid terrains, helmet is a must-have safety accessory for motor racing. There are four basic features to be considered when looking for a helmet. These features include: internal lining, vision glass or field, face shield, and ventilation. Make sure you choose a helmet with a field of vision that is suitable for the type of racing you are into, for example, if you are into drag racing, the helmet designed for this of motor racing have narrow field of vision.  In contrast if you are into circle track racing, go for a helmet with a wider field of vision. The insulation is also very important factor from safety perspective. Make sure the helmet you want to buy does not retain the heat and it allows you to breathe properly. Face shield should be of polymer because it is transparent and makes it easier to look through the shield. This is very important to have a clear view. It should also be scratch resistant.

4: Window Nets

One of the essential safety accessories is window net. It contains the driver’s arms during crash and protect from flying debris.  There are several types of window net available in the market such as mesh window nets ribbon window nets, triangle window & cage nets and so on.

5: Safety Harness

An SFI-certified safety harness is a must-have for every motor racing driver. This is must-have requirement for any type of racing that is licensed. It is strongly advised to educate yourself on what different types of harnesses are available for the different types of racing. For example, there are six or seven point harnesses. Also, the installation options for different harnesses are different, so keep that into mind. The installation mainly depends upon the type of latches. There are basically two types of latches: Cam lock and latch harnesses.

In short, it is important to follow these safety accessories to protect yourself from any possible danger involved in motor racing.

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