Importing Luxury Classic Cars? Here Is What You Need To Know

You must have a plan of saving big to get the dream car of your choice. Are you already thrilled thinking about the excitement that is in store for you? Well, here is a catch. What if you need to import your luxury car from a foreign country? 

There are several legal hassles that you need to overcome before you can start riding your dream car in your home country. In the previous post, we are going to take a look at what you need to know before importing the best vintage luxury cars

The Customs And Excise

Just like you need to pay a customs and excise duty when you import any item from a foreign country, the same laws apply for vintage and luxury car models as well. You need to present the bill of purchase and the registration document to the concerned authority who will present you with the bill for the import duty. However, you need to keep in mind that if the car is of historical interest, including significant ownership or race awards, then you are exempt from the duty. But, most of the luxury and sports cars are modified, so the chances of avoiding duty are slim. 

About The Registration

If the car is registered overseas, then keep in mind that it is illegal to use the vehicle in your home country. You need to contact the official Motor Vehicles Department for instruction and registration of the vehicle for the state of intended use. You will need to furnish all the official documents of purchase, the make, model, age, and the feature specifications for the vehicle.

The Importance Of The Licensing And Registration

Remember that there are high penalties if you are caught using an overseas registered vehicle. The licensing and the registration of a car ensure that the records for the car are official and in the public domain. This ensures the safekeeping of the citizens through liability clauses in case of an accident. You will need to carry along the original registration during the purchase of the vehicle, along with the licensing and registration from your native country as well as customs duty clearance certificates and insurance at all times while driving the vehicle.

Make Sure Of The Insurance At Every Point

While importing your car, you need to take care of the insurance for the vehicle every step of the way. If the car is arriving via a second country during its transit, then you need to ensure the insurance coverage during the journey as well.

About The Transport

There are container ships as well as premium carrier airplane to transport heavy cargo like a luxury car. The options are expensive and so is your car. Therefore it is important to avoid cheaper options and cutting corners as far as transportation is concerned. Look for a specialist logistics company that will take care of the safety, professional, and careful handling of the vehicle during the transit.

There are roll-on and roll-off options to consider, as well. The standard practice is to use covered containers for the transport of extremely rare and high priced cars. But you can save a few dollars if you choose the roll-on/roll-off option. But keep in mind that the vehicle needs to be drivable if you are planning to avoid closed containers. Work with an experienced car importer to make the transit smooth.

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