Hummer H2 Review, Specs Price And Images

The Hummer H2 is the version of original H1 that was inspired by US military Humvee. The Hummer H2 has launched in the US a while ago and in 2004 it happened in Europe where it was limited in numbers. Let’s have a look at specifications of Monster with the weight of 2909 Kg, 6 liters V8 producing 316 horsepower and torque is 360 lbs.

Hummer H2 Price

The vehicle can gain speed 0-100 Km per hour just in 10 seconds where trailer increased as 3.1 tons. More than comfortable when it comes to 4*4 Vehicle that’s why its market is expanding rapidly. When it comes to seat maximum of 5 people can be facilitated and 6th one can be fitted in the luggage compartment It’s assumed that Hummer is the strongest, biggest and toughest vehicle of own kind in the world.

Hummer H2

Hummer H2 and H3 models, both lauding a meagerer size, but similar display and scheme. As the Hummer closed production in 2010. But Hummer, in all its variants is a popular car for those looking for healthy performance. The Hummer is a great vehicle to be armored.

Hummer H2 Specs

Already strengthened suspension, heavy development, and right-angled design execute for a perfect car to receive a bulletproof qualification. The Humvee was intended for integrated security, stability, and pure execution. These characteristics were passed on to the Hummer. With industry-leading technology, the bulletproof Hummer just sustains getting sounder.

The bulletproof Hummer is additionally developed with excellent optional International Armoring highlights like run-flat tires, external siren/PA, increased surface listening system, perfect door handles, smokescreen and enemy-stopping tack can. Armored Hummer combinations are accessible in all various varieties, all depending on the wants of the buyer.

Hummer H2 Price

Last recorded price
₹ 72 Lakh
Hummer has discontinued the H2 [2003-2010] and the car is out of production.

Hummer H2 Specs

ManufacturerGeneral Motors
AssemblyMishawaka, Indiana, U.S. Kaliningrad, Russia (Avtotor)
DesignerClay Dean (2000)[1]
ClassFull-size SUV
Body style 5-door truck
5-door SUV
LayoutFront engine Four-wheel drive
6.0 L V8 (2002–07)
6.2 L V8 (2008–09)
4L60E 4-speed (2002–2004)
4l65E 4-speed (2005-2007)
6L80E 6-speed (2008–2009)
Wheelbase122.8 in (3,119 mm)
Length203.5 in (5,169 mm)
Width81.3 in (2,065 mm)
Height2002–03: 77.8 in (1,976 mm)
2004–09: 79.0 in (2,007 mm)
Curb weight6,400 lb (2,903 kg) - 6.0 L
6,614 lb (3,000 kg) - 6.2 L

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