Dodge Tomahawk Specs – Dodge Tomahawk Top Speed In Kmph

Back in 2003 Dodge made a heavy machine in the amount of 550,000 US dollars, believed that it is the fastest bike in the world. Let us discuss dodge tomahawk specs, the bike can run faster than Shinkansen a train in japan with 320 Kmph. Where dodge tomahawk top speed in kmph is 630, Which is almost double than the numbers stated earlier, this freaky sculpture can gain 97 km/h speed just in two and a half seconds.

Dodge Tomahawk Specs

Bike engine is based on Viper V-10 that is an engine of Viper sports cars made by the same company. The engine is producing 500 horsepower to accelerate four wheels as the weight of dodge tomahawk in kg is 680, each pair of wheels are separated by few inches to handle such a monster.

weight of dodge tomahawk in kg

It was firstly launched at International Auto Show in Detroit, the company made them 9 in number to see the worth near heavy bike lovers. Machine Dodge tomahawk sound is not louder but deeper infect. When it comes to comparison dodge tomahawk vs Bugatti Veyron, the car is almost half in speed than the bike and having an engine double in power 1001 hp.

Dodge Tomahawk Specs

ModelDodge Tomahawk
Category:Prototype / concept model
Rating:63.7 out of 100.
Displacement:8277.00 ccm (505.06 cubic inches)
Engine type:V10, four-stroke
Power:500.00 HP (365.0 kW)) @ 5600 RPM
Torque:712.00 Nm (72.6 kgf-m or 525.2 ft.lbs) @ 4200 RPM
Top speed:482.8 km/h (300.0 mph)
0-100 km/h (0-62 mph):2.500 seconds
Max RPM:6000
Bore x stroke:102.4 x 100.6 mm (4.0 x 4.0 inches)
Valves per cylinder:2
Fuel system:Injection
Fuel control:Overhead Valves (OHV)


Dodge Tomahawk Tomahawk

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