Dodge Challenger For Sale – Dodge Challenger Safety Features

Dodge Challenger for 2020 is a time machine in modern vehicles having strong styling and heavy sounds that refresh the memory of a big car of decades 60 and 70. While its outer look and clear soundtrack are the epitomai of nostalgia.

There is model v6 is with the feature of all-wheel drive in low budget in comparison with the other vehicle of this type available in four seasons. It is compatible with the daily drive as it as large inner bigger trunk but difficult in handling. If your priority is power then you must have a look at 700-hp-plus SRT Hellcat.

Dodge Challenger

Dodge is the continuously updated version of Challenger, it is like a fresh breath for Challenger. There are 9 new wheel designs, fresh exterior badges and on the 50th Anniversary, it is limited edition.

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Latter it would be available for all but in the base model, it has unique outer treatments like body-color, shaker hood, and body panel is painted with hands, among all other improvements.

Dodge Challenger For Sale In Prices

  1. 29,490 for SXT
  2. 32,490 for GT
  3. 36,090 for R/T
  4. 41,490 for R/T Scat Pack

We recommend and prefer V8 Powered Camaro and Mustang, but Dodge is offering a lot of nostalgia and value. Both are maximized with the R/T Scat Pack model. In standard horsepower is 495, 6.4 liter Hemi and option of 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic.

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But we inclined towards automatic in the price of 1595 SU dollars because it is more responsive than the other one with the slushy-feeling stick-shift gearbox. For nice ride here we are presenting adaptive dampers providing package dynamics.

Dodge Challenger For Sale In Prices

This Plus package helps to change the interior with ambient lighting, the faux-suede seat adds, and much nicer stuff on the dashboard and doors.

Department ratings, all these are in real-world testing. Challenger has inspiration from the 1970s  of its predecessors and comfortable accommodations, no doubt Challenger is a monster.

The 2020 Challenger Model Gains A 4-Star Crash-Test Rating From The NHTSA And The IIHS.

Key Safety Features:

  • Blind-spot monitoring is present with cross-traffic alert.
  • Cruise control is adaptive ease.
  • High-beams are automatic.
  • The Challenger provides a powertrain warranty as BMW and Chevrolet do not.
  • The limited warranty in terms of time is 3 years or in distance 36,000 miles.
  • Powertrain warranty in terms of time is 5 years or in distance, it is 60,000 miles.

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