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Best Selling Cars in the History of Car Industry.


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Every year many car companies introduced various car models, some models gain popularity among its users because of some best features. I would like to discuss here top 4 best-selling cars, these cars are best based on my personal experience and research on internet.Below are the car names which are best selling cars.

1.Ford Focus

I would like to keep Ford Focus at the first place because I have personal experience to drive this car and in contrast to other cars I found it very comfortable car while traveling long distances. Ford Focus is the car model in Ford F series and all manufacturing of this car took place in Ford factory.

New features were added in Focus Sedan in the year 2015 and during this year same features like Led lighting, stylish hood and new trunk lid were added in Focus hatchback. The car was upgraded with new type of shock absorber and innovative electronic system for regulating. Other features like more comfort and extraordinary feelings with rear suspension were added.

In the year 2018, only changes were made in RS, ST or Electric within the same model. During this period the Focus models were boost by more powerful cylinder (2.0 liter) with the assistance of 3 cylinder (Ecoboost and turbocharged).

The powerful ford features make this car a state of the art car. I also owned this model and always love to drive this car for long journeys. I maintain my car with the new piese auto romania store at Catalog.Altgradauto.

2. Volkwagen Beetle

The second best-selling car according to my research and opinion is Volkswagen Beetle, very famous in America and Europe.The production of this car started in the year 1937 and continues till 2003. During this time span approximately 21,529464 units of Volkswagen were sold out. During the 50s the Volkswagen Beetle was in one of the most comfortable and luxurious in the world. Few well known car models were replaced by the Volkswagen Beetles in the USA in 1937 to 2003.

3. Volkswagen Golf ( From 1974 to still continue)

Volkswagen Golf manufacturing started in the 1974 and still this model is in one of the best-selling car model in Euro and USA region. In all car models It is the 2nd best car selling model in the car industry. More than 20 million cars of this model have been sold out from 1974 to still continue. GoldMK6 is the latest model in this car.

4. Toyota Corrolla.

Toyota is very brand brand in the car industry and has beaten many car brands from 1966 to till today. It is at 4th place in my car best-selling list.  More than 30 million units of this car have been sold out since its manufacturing. Corrolla was the best car selling model in the year 1997.

Many features of this car has been since its establishment and this model gained huge popularity worldwide.

Toyota is the company that is producing Corrolla and other cars in countries like Japan, Malaysia, Canada, China and Malaysia. At the end of 2010 Toyota started manufacturing in the America.

Corrolla has won the hearts of many car buyers that is why it is the best-selling ever.

These were the top selling car, I have discussed above, now let’s move towards the Piese Auto. It is easy to buy a car but it is really very look after and take care of your car.

I owned a Ford Focus model but it is hard to fix the everyday wear and tear, so from where to buy the piese auto romania?

Many ford focus piese auto stores available online but it is hard to find a reliable Piese auto online. I mostly buy from Catalog.Altgradauto one of the famous piese auto romania


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