Alfa Romeo 4C specs

Alfa Romeo 4C Review, Specs 2019 (About Sports Car)

2019 Alfa Romeo 4C Review.

This is the exotic Italian Alfa Romeo 4C. The 4C is a most important generation in Alfa Romeo line up. The car has a mid-size engine and full carbon fiber chassis. The 4C is zippy little sports car fun to drive. The negativities of the 4C push its bottom of the luxury car ranking. Here is the Alfa Romeo 4C Review. The Alfa Romeo 4C base price is $55,900.

Alfa Romeo 4C Top Speed

The Alfa Romeo 4C has less interior amenities and less cargo space stiffy and noisy ride make it unappealing ride in some drivers opinion. Let’s talk Alfa Romeo 4C Review. However, it’s an excellent fuel economy car. Quick acceleration, advanced suspension, and braking system. 2018 Alfa Romeo 4C available in Coupe and Spider.

Alfa Romeo 4C specs

The 4C is RWD drive and two passenger capacity. The design is pure and it’s only for driving a pleasure. The side vents are also made of carbon fiber. Alfa Romeo 4C Review. The car has beauty to inspire.  The 4C provide the mind-blowing performance. The acceleration and exhaust are on a high level but the handling is satisfying. You can also read our review on Honda Accord

Alfa Romeo 4C

Interior quality and Cargo space

4C has two seating capacity and standard clothes upholstery. As compared to the competitor in his class they come with leather upholstery at the minimum that is bit unusual. The 4C seat adjustment is not power and you don’t lean back. Alfa Romeo 4C Review. The 4C interior is well crafted. But here is the lake of advanced tech. The 4C not having the armrests and infotainment system. The main focus is to connect you to on the road.

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Alfa Romeo 4C Interior

The car has basic systems and nothing else. Let’s talk about the 4C cargo space. The engine is on the rear side which means it takes a lot of the space and only leaving enough room for a handful of items. The cargo space is only a few cubic feet.

2018 alfa romeo 4c review

If you are a sound lover with the 4C you have no expectations a standard sound system which is also removable faceplate. If you like the fancy infotainment system and color full graphics there is nothing like that no high tech and advanced features are avails to use.

Alfa Rome 4C Exterior

The 2019 Alfa Romeo 4C Engine Performance.

The 4C equipped with turbocharged engine produces 237 horsepower aluminum four-cylinder six-speed automatic transmission with the dual clutch. The powertrain is not much heavy but enough to pull the 4C to its limits. The exhaust sound is satisfying. The smaller engine makes it fuel efficient. we deliver Alfa Romeo 4C Review. The 4C estimated mileage in the city is 24 (MPG) and on highway provide 34 (MPG). The car has Brembo braking system and the advanced suspension system made the car sportier.

Alfa Rome 4C Engine

If you want to compare the Alfa Romeo 4C with Jaguar F type the comparison is here cars provide a similar level of performance. But the Jaguar is more comfortable than 4C in an everyday ride. The 4C has a lake of advance tech and features on the other hand F type has a lot of features and advance tech like infotainment system. Alfa Romeo 4C Review. Here is the Volvo S90

Alfa Romeo 4C cargo

Base Price$55,900
Horsepower237 (BHP)
Top Speed155 (MPH)
0-604.2 sec
Fuel EconomyIn City 24 (MPG)
On Hvy 35 (MPG)
Vehicle Typemid-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 2-passenger
Transmission6-speed dual-clutch automatic with manual shifting mode
Torque258 lb-ft @ 2200 rpm
Cargo Space4 cu ft
Displacement106 cu in, 1742 cc


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