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3 Car Myths that You Still Believe

Have you been driving for years now? If yes, you must be having a lot of information about the automobiles. But most likely, there are a few myths that you still believe.

Ever since the cars have been around, life has been much easier. From a long road trip to small daily commutes, everything depends on them. You might be amongst the most who own car, but out of those – a huge fraction has no idea about what going on under the hood. Many things that you know about cars aren’t actually true but myths for sure. Therefore, experts in this industry have tried to point those myths out and debunk all at once. So let’s dive in;

Manual Transmission Offer Better Fuel Efficiency

The automatic transmission is widespread in many parts of the world. But still, people prefer driving on a manual transmission as they believe that it’ll give better fuel economy. Many of you might be having a set of persuasive reasons for this, but the most of you think that it offers much better fuel economy as compared to the automatic transmission.

It might have been true a few years ago but not now. The advancement in has removed any advantage that a manual transmission had. In some instances, the automatic transmission is still better.

Jet Fuel Makes the Car Go Faster

Nobody knows where it came from! But frankly, a huge number of people believe this baseless and pointless myth. Jet fuel is used to power jet aircraft. Due to which, people mistakenly think that the kerosene jet fuel would make their cars faster.

Keep in mind! The traditional car engine can’t burn jet fuel at all. The combustion process of jet fuel is different from petrol or diesel. Here’s the proof! A company accidentally delivered jet fuel to a gas station in New Jersey. As a result, all the vehicles that were filled up with it were stalled & couldn’t move at all.

Using Cellphone near Gas Station Causes Fire

Ever since the cellphones came in, this myth has been around without any solid evidence. People believe that using cell phones near a gas station can cause a fire. Therefore, they must not use the cell phone at the gas station. To affirm it further, people often see the signboards of ‘Do Not Use Cellphone’ at almost every gas station.

Having heard of such hype, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) finally decided to do some research that whether the cellphone signals could ignite fuel vapors or not. They didn’t find any result that signals can ignite a fire with fuel vapors. As per some experiments, there’s no link between cell phones and fuel vapors in fact.

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