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KIA Soul 2020 – Specs, Prices And Reviews

2020 KIA Soul Review

KIA Soul original is the most exotic hit for 2020. An astonished designed 2020 KIA soul review takes the rank at the top. Its comfortable and spacious personality will not let the competitors reach the level of the automobile. KIA offers its potential customers a stylish and spacious vehicle within an affordable price and unbelievable experience. As KIA from many years continues to focus on the youth market. So it’s been a challenge to deliver a fun drivable car. The new arrival of 2020 KIA Soul containing a turbocharged engine, delivering the most energetic tough drive experience. Although maintaining the style, space and promised price of the Soul is an all-new 3rd generation model.

Definitely A Crossover Look:

A Roof topping GT line of 1.5 Turbo offers optional extra spacing. Extremely relative of soul trims adds a pragmatic natural look. It has blind spot monitoring alert cross traffic rear lights and Cruise control equipped. Already includes automatic forward-collision lights that will help will help keep in a lane. LED lights are fitted in headlights, detection systems for the pedestrian to monitor driver attention. Getting a way of a safety-oriented supercar with the GT line impresses wireless charging pad. An excellent audio system has been spotted to give a killer ambient lighting system with a cockpit head-up display. Specifically designed bold shaded red blaze decent rubber looking soul. An attractive set of alloy rims equipped, offset realistic nature and dashing personality.

The 2020 KIA soul is available with all-wheel driveability. When driving a soul in soft snow you will just get a fine experience. Additionally, the KIA is very different from another card liking with 6.5 inches of road clearance with up to 6.0 inches in previous years. Its X-line gives an exotic look of bumpers made of plastic fiber that looks like a burning flare. More road-friendly experience with the monochromatic designed body, extra center exhaust, and spoiler suspensions. Its soft acceleration will keep the soul in a gentle manner from forward to aft force. From drawing driving experience to visualized emotional sound all is just made it excellent. Interior space is exotic with textured shaped and reflecting the dashboard icons gives full sensory experience.

It comes with standard 3.0-liter inline tank with a four-wheel drive. Designed to give 150 horsepower and 140 ft LB of torque that is pretty enough output with four wheels. However, it’s redefined with enhancement and smoothness to deliver continuous automatic CVT transmission. Operational with a six-speed automatic engine surprisingly a good development. It includes enough space for passengers and cargo room compact size, increased slightly as compared last year. Noticeable is its 44-millimeter bumper with 20-inches in length simply stretching a wheelbase.

Tested Results Are As Follows:

  • Zero to 80 mph in 5 seconds
  • Zero to 120 mph in 20 seconds
  • Rolling ability starts in 10 seconds
  • Top gear after 140 mph
  • Standing 1/33 mile: 15.5 seconds @ 80 mph
  • Braking after 70 mph to 0 within 60 ft
  • 80 mph highway driving: 30 mpg

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