2019 Dodge Charger – Key Specifications for 2019 Dodge Charger

Reviving ancestors from the heavy car age 1966, the 2019 Charger continues to attract fans. Aging gracefully, the Charger can be a V6 family sedan, a genuine muscle car.

Dodge has revised its model lineup for 2019. The GT becomes a V6 model with the display.

SRT Hellcat is in red, blue, and silver dual-center stripes. Performance slopes for the Hellcat and Scat Pack include.

dodge charger

Dodge Charger

The base engine is delivering 292 horsepower and torque is 260-pound feet. In the case of SXT AWD and GT, the V6 is delivering 300 horsepower. The charger is a safer vehicle, but irregular test counts. In crash-testing by the NHTSA, Dodge Charger has is distinguished with five stars overall.


As the base SXT model is nearly subdued, every Charger flaunts vivid carry-over styling, descended from the vintage heavy car for which the 2019 sedan is named. In basic shape, it’s as defiantly the US as any car on the road. Flashy color options and wild stripes add to the Sixties’ character.

What used to be called Coke-bottle shaping features drawn-in bodysides and projecting covers. Roof pillars are solid and uttered. The surface of the wide black grille changes according to the trim level. GT versions and up add frequently aggressive extras, like a bonnet scoop, sculpted side sills, and decklid spoiler.

Dodge Charger


Black plastic provides the base Charger with a low-dollar look. Does upright styling help give front passengers? including those of enough girth? There is so much space with the elbow room. Even the Sports seats of hellcats won’t press big passengers. In comparison with other sedans, it’s not so vast from inside.

Driving Impression

V6 models are no doubt interesting. V8s guarantee joy, beginning from strenuous sounds that bring thrilling ? or SRT scorching? acceleration.

The V6-powered SXT is effective and honestly powerful, impressively fair in ride and handling. This qualified engine mates well with the active 8-speed automatic transmission, implementing adequate midrange passing punch. However, the electronic gear selector can be difficult to explain.

Ride quality starts to ache from the R/T Scat Pack, whose handling talents approach the racetrack level.

Dodge Charger Price

On the street, it can be smooth and secure, as well as forgiving to occupants. Full-bore, the Hellcat turns hard for track duty. By applying black key the output is limited to 500 hp. The red key increases the hp up to 707. On twisting road its quite a handful.

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Dodge is astonishing when it comes to Charger choices, For both family and fancy users, it is compatible. Five stars for execution, and available features. The best support is V6-powered SXT, which provides the necessary Charger character at an affordable price.

Dodge Charger Price


2019 Dodge Charger Specs

Fuel Economy 7.8 – 17.6 City/HWY combined.
Horsepower 292 – 707 hp.
Drivetrain Rear Wheel Drive, All Wheel.
Engine Gasoline, Flex Fuel.
Torque 260 – 650 ft-lb.
Seats 5.

2019 Dodge Charger Specs

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