May 9, 2018 BMW-X7

2019 BMW X7 Price, Specs, Overview and Full Size-SUV


2019 BMW X7 Overview

This is the brand new 2019 BMW X7. The beast ever built by German automaker three row full size SUV. That’s the BMW Large SUV most luxury crossover friendly car. The third row is for most adults. Stay tuned for BMW X7 Review. BMW make his reputation and offer huge three row SUV drive like a BMW. The big challenge is BMW X7 Release date. BMW show the prototype X7 in Frankfurt motor show. The production of the car is start at the end of 2018. After the launch of BMW X7 2019 the car stand biggest SUV in the BMW lineup. The car has the seven seat option but still look sporty. It compete the previous model BMW X5. X7 is the true seven seater Production car.


When the car goes for sell in 2019 it take most of the market and made the most profitable car in BMW line up. BMW X5 vs X7 it’s larger then Range Rover. The car has the unique design and massive amount of space, comfort. The car is 7 series that you can buy. Most of the X series are built in south US like BMW X3, X4, X5 X6 and now big one  X7. The only X1 and X2 are made in Germany. The SUV equipped with advance technology and most active safety feature. Bold design smart feature are necessary to maintain BMW standard.


2019 BMW X7 Engine Specs

The car come with engine variation like Diesel, Petrol and a Hybrid variant later on. BMW X7 has diesel and petrol option. As we see the 7 series power train that include 3.0 liter turbocharged diesel engine and other one is 4.4 liter petrol V8 engine. The third variant is quad turbo engine. It has the air suspension 8mm top to bottom. BMW X7 2019 has the xdrive, its mean (AWD) all wheel drive. It also have a off road driving experience that you can travel every where without any issue. The weight of the car is around is 2 tones.


Interior exterior and Quick Look

Its basically a limo in SUV form. Its super quit because thick glass and noise reduce interior. Very comfortable elegance and handling is unbelievable. The X7 with 22 inch wheel and air suspension make your ride more comfy. The car use 7.0 BMW operating system and most advance navigation system. There is 12 inch full HD display. The infotainment system configure with IOS and Android. The BMW use top notch interior. Auto environment control system. There is 3 configuration seats that will standard. There is 3 USB port that’s you love it. The X7 has the first car that use advance generation charging port that is very fast charging for smart phone and other devices. Advance wireless phone charging and Apple car play work with latest IPhone and Android. X7 has advance driving assistant that can monitor you and warn you while mobile using. There is auto driving system. Auto break system if pedestrian detect. For more Interesting article visit:


2019 BMW X7 Specification

Engine3.0-liter Turbocharged/ 4.4-liter V8
Release Year2019
ModelX Series
PurposeFamily Car
0-60 (mph)7 secs (ESt.)
Top Speed155 (mph) EST.

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