2018 Ford Focus RS Specs Priced At $41,995 Latest Model

2018 Ford Focus RS Specs price and overview

2018 Ford Focus RS is the latest in a long-line of RS-badged fast Fords-cars on a mission to bring electrifying performance to people of normal means. The Ford engineers try to design a sports car for middle-class people have a dream to drive a sports car. So Ford’s engineers design a low-cost car to buy every person to need a sports car. The new 2018 Focus RS has been a long time coming. It’ third generation, despite the first one arriving back in 2002. 2018 Ford Focus RS could possibly be called a mega hatch.

2018 Ford Focus RS Interior


Ford Focus 2018 price, specs

Meeting driver and hot-hatch hooligans, due to your wait is over: the famous mobile company Ford introduce the new limited-edition 2018 Focus RS comes with modification inspired by the enthusiast public. The RS comes standard with a six-speed manual and a unique torque-system.  We judge the RS to be better than Subaru WRX, WRX STI and Volkswagen Golf R. Limited Slip Differential for the front which further improves the 2018 Focus RS performance vs the 2017 Focus RS. By the controlling the torque delivered to each front wheel. The 2018 Focus RS Quaife LSD enables drivers to fully exploit the engine’s power. The price of Ford Focus RS 2018 is starting at $ 41,120.

2018 Ford Focus RS

Conversely, once you change over to Michigan’s future from perfect public reads, housebreaking the RS proves to be the trying stuff of a ride-and-handling engineer’s best dreams. The Focus RS 2018 braking system is extremely better than Focus RS 2017, VW Golf GT, and Subaru WRX. This RS vibrates like a paint shaker on two-lane reads; it boundaries on unlivable when about posted speed limits. The Ford Focus RS has totally sensors system. The Focus RS contains Brembo breaks, 19-inch alloy wheels, with Michelins sports tires, adjustment handling, and an aggressive appearance with a deep front splitter brake cooling ducts, and a high mounted wing spoiler.

Ford Focus 2018 price, specs


2018 Ford Focus RS Interior

2018 Ford Focus RS interior of Focus RS is very unique and a masterpiece. The inside of Focus RS looks at very luxury and comfort seats. The interior includes Recaro container seats, a sports steering wheel, and a turbo boost meter. Stock features include seven airbags, rear camera, audio, and video sync 3 infotainment. Available features include navigation, heated seats mirrors, power moonroof forged alloy wheels and track ready tiers. The most famous additions are the front seats, either in the RS Recaro ‘shell versions.

The Focus RS has five control buttons on the steering wheel on the left side to control the drive functions and the Right side five buttons control the voice, calls, set map etc. The Focus RS has a 12-volt electrical switch to recharge your Phones. The Focus RS has four drive modes, Normal Mode, Track Mode, Drift Mode and Sports Mode. The Focus RS Nice blue stick in Seat lather and handbrake. 2018 Ford Focus RS has one Box in driver’s Right side consist of one tray one USB port and one 12v electrical switch.

Ford Focus
Ford Focus

2018 Ford Focus Rs Specs And Price

  • $41,995.
  • Top speed:            165 mp/h
  • EPA                           19/25 mpg
  • Acceleration           (0-60 mp/h) 4.6 sec
  • Maximum Power 350 bhp @ 6000 rpm
  • Torque                     350 lb-ft @3200 rpm
  • Engine displacement  138 cu in, 2261 cc.
  • Turbocharger      YES
  • Fuel tank capacity, maximum: gal 13.9
  • Battery range    N/A
  • Passenger capacity  5
  • Weight                 3434 Lbs

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